Menu bug

I can’t navigate to most pages within the My Whatpulse menu if I’m already in one of the pages.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to My Whatpulse at
  2. Hover over the My Whatpulse menu, and pick “Computers” from the list.

What I expected would happen:
The computers overview should appear.

What actually happened:
The hash #computers was appended to the URL, but the page didn’t visibly change. It appears to briefly load something, but nothing actually happens.

Go to another page, such as the homepage, and navigate to the Computers page from there.

Tested on:

  • Chrome 23.0.1271.97 on a Windows 7 desktop.
  • Internet Explorer 8 on the same system.

Thanks - this is mostly because the browser doesn’t see a reason to change the page due to the anchor (#). Put it on the todo.

Yeah, it’s been that was ever since I can remember. The hash part is supposed to point to a part of the document for the client, but not have to load something from the server. That many webapplications do it this way is because they work with javascript instead of really navigating between pages (like a music service not wanting to interrupt playback while navigating, but also not wanting to use frames). Here I see no need for using the hash part this way.

The javascript tabs menu uses the hash as a bookmark to detect which tab the user wants to see. So there is a need for using the hash part this way.

That said, I’ll need to switch to a javascript link when you’re inside the /my/ section.

Speaking of the menu I noticed another issue: The links over “Community”, “Docs” and “Contact” are dead. If there is no page available they should link to one of the submenu’s entries, for example “Contact” → “Contact us”.
Looks strange when you got an 404.