member is deleted?

Hi, I’m manager of team dewulf and we lost a member this week. His whatpulse is still on the computer, but we can’t find him anymore on the website.

The member name is Dirk Van Nieuwenhuyze and he had around 924.000 keys and 4.409.000 clicks, I don’t know the miles count. Is it possible to get a backup of this account, so we don’t loose all the keys and clicks.


Do you know when he last pulsed? If you go a long time without pulsing, your account gets removed due to inactivity.

last pulse should be last week or the week before, not more than that!

Question: Can he still pulse? Which version of WhatPulse is loaded on his computer? Does he remember his username?

His username is Dirk Vannieuwenhuyze. If he tries to pulse, he gets the following error “Account unknown”. Version of whatpulse is 1.7.1 windows.


I can’t find that account at all. I think the account is gone, but I can’t tell why…