Massive HDD usage from Whatpulse.exe

I noticed a reduction in computer performance and a steam update taking way longer than expected, then Norton complains about Whatpule.exe excessively using the hard drive when I check, WP has used 4,325MB of data, the interface also seems sluggish. It seems to be reading/writing from “C:\Users%CurrentUser%\AppData\Local\Whatpulse\Whatpulse.db”
In that folder, a file seems to appear and then quickly disappear about two times a second. It’s titled “Whatpulse.db-journal” It’s 3KB in size. I restarted it and it still does the same thing except now “Whatpulse.db-journal” in now 16KB in size and appears less often (still frequently however). Is this normal behavior?

upgrade to 2.0.2

Thanks, probably should have tried that first.