Mapping a controller

I just picked up a wired Xbox 360 controller and I am wondering if it possible to map the buttons to count as clicks or key presses. Is this possible?

I do not believe this is supported right now.

Any update on this? Is there a plan to include xbox controller button presses at ay point?

Was looking through Xbox One Controllers being mapped by Whatpulse, but yes this is possible with ONLY 360 controllers at the moment by using xPadder. This is a paid software and it basically lets you use the controller mapped to specific keyboard buttons, which when pressed, whatpulse counts it. This is only possible with xPadder.

I am currently looking into ways for my current xbox one controller to be counted by whatpulse as well, but not currently support either.

What Whatpulse version are you using? Because on newer versions (2.0.4+ or something), simulated keypresses aren’t counted anymore, even from Xpadder, at least for me.