Manual Settings for Portable WhatPulse?

I tried searching the forums for a solution to this but either my queries were too specific, or too general, so I decided to start a thread:

I use a computer at school where there is no icons in the notification tray, they don’t want us to fool around with it, I’m guessing. So within the school’s servers, I’ve hidden in a very deep directory, Whatpulse.exe and all its installer files. I’m pretty sure it’s in portable mode too. Everytime I log in from the school, I launch it, log in, and wait for it to start pulsing, whenever that may be.

But I’m afraid I might lose some valuable stats. So is there a way to make a text file that Whatpulse.exe can read in the root of its executed “place” and apply the text file’s settings to the application?

That’d be cool if it’s possible.

Thanks in advance.