Make WhatPulse synchronize between computers


I would really like it if the WhatPulse client could sync stats between your different computers. I don’t really like seeing different stats on my 2 computers. I’d like if the stats (for example Keyboard heatmap with keystrokes yesterday, all time and today) would syncronize so I could see my overall keystrokes today so I wouldn’t have to look at my laptops’ client to see half of the numbers and then check my PC’s stats to see the other half and adding them up.

This is how my clients look right now (I know the keystrokes and clicks are quite close but that’s just a coincidence):



I’d like these to show the same numbers (sync them and add them up) also with the overall uptime, download, upload etc.

I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say, but I hope you do :slight_smile:

TD;DR: I want the client to sync all stats between computers so you get overall stats instead of the stats that are on the computer you are using.

I’ve made a suggestion similar to this before. I think that this would be nice. Web synchronization would also prevent loss of local stats if for some reason your files become corrupt (which has happened to me when I had an old hard drive die).

Completely agree. I really hope they do this sometime.

To be honest, now that Applications is grouped in the same way as this suggestion, this is much more likely and possible for Wasted and the development team to deploy. Have you signed up to the premium services yet?

Yeah, that’s what I thought. The client would be perfect of they synced :slight_smile:
And about that premium, yes I have made a couple of referrals so I have premium for now but I’ll have to pay for it. I want to pay those $2 a month but is it recurring? Of so I’ll just buy it now but I’m too lazy to pay every month :wink:

It’s not recurring (yet), but you can chose the amount of months you purchase. So once a year or something. :wink:

There will be a time where the local databases will be synchronised to the website, mostly for easy restoring/reinstallation of clients. Once those databases are there, we can pull the data for display on the website.

I don’t think it’ll be synchronised between computers though, as the client is meant for local collecting and display, and the website for global stats. Plus I don’t see a way to properly implement that without confusing the hell out of our users. :wink:

So yeah, it’s been an idea that’s been kicked around. But there are others things that we want to do first, so it’s not high on the todo list.

I’ll set up a subscription as soon as you get recurring payment. Premium is just too good not to have :slight_smile:

If you do not use wp on the same time, simply sync the database with dropbox or anything.

It would be work like portable mode… or you use the portable mode and put wp on a stick :wink: