Main site Suggestion

Hello devs and staff,

Maybe a nice suggestion for the ‘Team Statistics’ page, different for each team:
I can’t seem to find the cursor-miles box, as displayed on the ‘user’ page.

Is there a reason why cursor miles are not displayed on the ‘Team Statistics’ page?

Hope I help, happy pulsin’!


As I know, the determination of mouse moveage are going to be removed from the next client version, because it’s very problematic.

Yes. Mouse distances are going away, apparently due to the fact that the feature is totally inaccurate.

There are just so many factors that go into mile calculations that they are completely inaccurate and without asking people for every single little statistic to go into it, we cannot make a 100% reliable mile calculation. It also is missing from other client versions, so it will be removed in the next version according to my best understanding.


Oh, well okay. I thought it was a pretty cool feature.

I thought it was a cool feature, too. At the moment, though, I don’t think we can figure out an easy way to create consistent results. Or at least not totally inaccurate results. Oh well. =/