Mac OSX Keystrokes not Registering?

The only thing that seems to be registering is the ‘system’ keys, like shift, command, control, etc. None of the character keys (like anything I’ve typed in this message) isn’t registering. Not having a problem on my PC, but I don’t know what the issue is on my MacBook Air.

Have you enabled WhatPulse System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility? If it’s checked, uncheck it then check it again, then restart WhatPulse.

Without knowing what version of OS X you’re using, if it’s Mavericks they’ve make this hard from update to update.

I have the same exact problem on Mavericks (with WP turned on in security/accessibility) on Air (11", mid 12) BUT NOT on iMac (27’, late 12, also with Mavericks). Mouse clicks are registering without problems on both.

Also, today/yesterday/… options are on top of keyboard picture on Air, so maybe this is the problem? Screenshot:

Do as newton said, disable it in the security settings and enable it again.

Not counting correctly on OSX is because of the security settings.