[MAC] after connection loss WP asks for admin password

Every time Whatpulse loses it’s connection it asks for the admin password.

Mac OS X, Mountain Lion.

Same problem, whenever I log in it asks for the admin password.

I was getting this too, and when you put your credentials in it just keeps pestering for them over and over again.

When you say “loses it’s connection” - do you mean after a restart or re-login?

Either way, could you guys see if the directory /Library/System/ChmodBPF exists? It is a script which comes with the installer to set certain permissions to grant WhatPulse access to the network interfaces.

I ran chown -R root /Library/StartupItems/ChmodBPF and it seems to have worked for now.

Edit: Went back to asking for the password when I wake it up.

I get this too. It happens when I plug in, or unplug my Ethernet cord and switch to wifi on my MacBook. Connections aren’t maintained when the IP address changes. It is very annoying and has happened ever since the first 2.0 beta.

Well this is getting weird then, it seems like your OSX is resetting the permissions of the /dev/bpf* devices on a sleep - which is undocumented behaviour, and I’ve never seen that happen myself.

Do you have any special apps running that protect the system? Like an antivirus or network management software?

(if you just want the messages to go away, disable network stats)

Hi smitmartijn, I’m seeing the same behavior as described, no special tools like you’re asking for afaik.

I have several utilities running including iStat Menus 4, f.lux, Growl, GrowlTunes, gfxCardStatus, Dropbox, MenuWeather, XtraFinder, NerdTool, and BetterTouchTool. The only thing that could interfere with network stuff would be iStat Menus 4. And that is a must have for me. I’ll see if Whatpulse works with iStat Menus not running.

Well, to - possibly- narrow down things a bit: from that list, I’m only using f.lux and iStats Pro (though as a widget in the dash, not the menubar version). F.lux doesn’t seem that interesting, but iStats does monitor network traffic as well, so that might be what’s tinkering with network-monitoring-permissions. :wink:

That did the trick, thanks.

I’m getting this too, asks for password after waking up from sleep and when changing wireless networks. Other apps… f.lux, better snap tool, dropbox, fluffy cloud app, caffeine… I think the list goes on

I think you found it.

I got no network special app running that I know.
But the message appears every time my computer wakes up.
(Quite ennoying)
I disabled network stats and it stopped.
(shame but not so important for me)
Thanks for help.

[macbook pro, Lion]