lost pw and email pw....

I’m in a pretty stupid situation. I forgot my password, or it magically changed because the one I remember just doesn’t works anymore. So the way I clicked at forgot password of course.
But the problem is, that the E-Mail I’ve had in my account is an old E-Mail address of me. I also don’t have the password of that anymore. (Yes I’ve had this problem with that email already some time ago :<)
However, I don’t want to do a new one, since I already used this since 2005.
What can I do to get it back please?

I sent this to PinkFloyd already two times without getting an answer. Either he thinks im scamming, (trying to get an others account) or he just ignores me. :frowning:

So maybe some admin can help me. PLEASE! I’ll do all I can, to prove that the one is my account and I don’t just wanna steal it.

Is it possible for you to get back the email address which you used to have?

Notified wasted/pinkfloyd through official means, hopefully you’ll get a reply soon.

If it’s possible to get that email address back, that would be a plus, on two accounts: you’d have your email access back AND you’d get your whatpulse account. That being said, email addresses do change and passwords are forgotten. bobL has alerted PinkFloyd and wasted about it, so they should have instructions for you. It would be helpful to get your email address, however - if you could PM that bit of information to me, PinkFloyd or wasted with that information, that would definitely help in identifying your account and confirming that it’s really you.

I’ll try my luck on the E-Mail adress now. But I think I did sometime ago already without any success. :frowning:

Uh, you told me so many names, to who should I sent the personal information now? :open_mouth:
Also I don’t know what I’ve written down and what not in the account, but of course I can tell you my birthday etc. no matter if I did write it there or not.

edit: tried all passwords i ever used on the email now i guess.
the thing is, that some time ago i did a new password request on the email i think. and they, without verification first, just send a new password to a contact email, which i never had on that email account… now it says i shall call a 1,86€/min number for help… kinda sucks.

ill just send a pm with the same content (about some personal things) to x-kal wasted and pinkfloyd.

No point sending a PM to anyone, I’ll just track wasted down and he’ll look into it when he gets the time.

Oh, I already did.
But ok, thanks bobL!