Lost pulse in 2.0.4

Ok so, I was kinda annoyed when I lost a pulse because it had like over 3GB download on it…(inb4 someone complains about higher, yes I know that would suck even more)
But yea, here’s what happened; I had the main window kept open and apparently it had stopped responding at some point :expressionless: Here’s the stupid part though: I killed Whatpulse via taskmanager and went to restart it. On doing so I was prompted to login again. I thought “oh well, alright then.” but unfortunately mucked up details (put username instead of email as I was tired). I even contemplated logging in via my facebook (who knows why, seeing as I’ve never done that…) but anyhoo when I’d eventually succeeded in relogging, I found that my accumulated unpulsed stats had vanished into the ether so to speak…The funny thing is tho, at the very least my DL/and UL see to be preserved as the values they SHOULD be on the overview tab of the main window. Don’t suppose there’s any way to sync up those DL/UL stats? :confused:

If the program crashes during a database write, then the database corrupts - that’s why sometimes you might have to log in to the client again. The corruption causes it to lose ALL data for that machine - previous and present.

The DL/UL stats on the client are the ones since you last did a full log in. Many users use several computers and wouldn’t want the whole of their UL/DL stats on every machine. Any time you need to see the overall stats, that is what the online interface is for.

I have had a couple 1TB pulses vanish because the program can’t deal with pulses >1TB. The total on that machine is far greater than that shown on the website. Does it annoy me? Not particularly.

Yea I’ve heard this 1TB issue time and time again. 1TB is a ridiculously big figure though…should surely pulse more often than that irrespective of your situation/circumstances.

Sometimes when the system can’t auto-pulse, it will turn off auto pulsing until you can manually do it. Also, the stats screens show the highest single pulses for each month. The longer you leave it, the more chance of being #1 (as pointless as it is anyway ;]). 1 TB is relatively minor for certain setup scenarios, it all depends on what you have access to. For example, the folders are going crazy with the uptime stats, scoring 25+ days of uptime in a single day.

I once ran WP from the command line on my ubuntu. There I saw the message “creating a database backup” or something like that. Is it possible to restore the DB in case of a crash.

The most annoying thing is, that key frequencies are gone due to the corruption…

Yup, but for some reason 2.0 didn’t always do this correctly. 2.1 will handle it better.

I already did that today an it worked :slight_smile: The stats where there after logging in again…