Lost my Precedent Pulses

Username: Whitehawk501
Windows XP Pro SP3 - x86
I am logged into an Admin account on Windows.

I used to have an account on here in 2008. I lost the program when I changed users on Windows. I was reminded about it earlier today and went to download the program. After installing, it asked me to log in. I tried my past username/password, but it said the account didn’t exist. I ended up registering this one an hour ago. I opened up my Pulse Log to find over 1million keystrokes in previous posts. I’m not sure how to post proof of this because I am not allowed to link and the log is too long to fit in one post.

What happened to all my previous pulses? It seems that I have lost all my precedent pulses. Was my account deleted?

I chatted in the IRC and was told to post here. If you want to see the log, I can post it.

Please contact me on IRC, preferably before midnight tonight. My name is Century0 on there and I will attempt to assist you.


A quick question century, if someone has multiple accounts for whatever reason, do you ever consider merging them? I have an old account from before my current one with ~990,000 keys and if it’s possible a merging would be nice :slight_smile:

We are working on this currently, but have no ETA as to when it will be possible.