Lost my "miles" ability after requesting new token?!?

Whatpulse was working, but the icon in the bottom right had the red dot beneath it permanently visible. Still, it was able to pulse and everything.

Restarting my comp in an effort to “fix” the icon, I also requested a new token.


Now I’m only counting clicks and keys now. The mileage counter is completely gone, not even showing in geek dialog.


I really… REALLY wish Whatpulse would remain simple and fun.

Hmmm… now Whatpulse won’t even run when I specifically click on it.
I even tried turning my computer off and waiting a few minutes. Still nothing.

Not sure what the hell went wrong here, but I’ve never heard of something like this before so something must have been severely corrupted on your computer.

However, if you uninstall WhatPulse then go to your installation directory (typically Program Files\WhatPulse) and delete the WhatPulse folder, then re-install, that should do the trick.

I forget how to reinstall it. I’m getting a thing asking for my name, password and “profile”.

Bah, I’ll figure it out…

Name and password are what you use to log in to the website and there is information about pulse profiles on the knowledge base on the main website.

http://whatpulse.org/my/pulse-profiles/ ftw :wink: