Lost Keys?

Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I didn’t see it anywhere… I think I’m losing a small amount of keys, each time I pulse. Its not that big of a deal, but thought I’d share :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m set to pulse every 1,234 keys (just because I like going in sequential order) I like to keep my geek window open, and I was watching it as I was typing, I actually got up to roughly 1,260ish keys before it finally pulsed, and then started back at zero, I then checked my online stats, and it only pulsed 1,234. So what happens do the other 30 keys or so? Like I said, its not a huge deal, but I can’t help watch everytime I pulse now, and wonder whats happening :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m running WP with Windows XP Pro.

I’m guessing the 30 or so keys are what you type between when the pulse starts and when it finishes… If that’s the case then it’s a known limitation.

Ok, cool :slight_smile: Just thought I’d share my findings. I find myself being careful when getting close to pulse time, so I can type slowly and not lose any keys lol. I think I’m kind of becoming OCD over whatpulse… it really bothers me to not have it/have it running, and realize that I’m losing keys :slight_smile:

Yeh its just the fact your internet is lagging, and a new token is being created whilst your still typing away. Its only a very small amount of keys in comparison to what can be gained, so I wouldnt worry about it too much. :slight_smile:

On the contrary, that’s around 2.5% of the pulse that disappears. If you have pulsed 1 000 000 keys, 25 000 of them would have disappeared. Although it’s not very much to do about it I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure that if you can type 25000 keys in the ~10 seconds it takes to pulse, you’re cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

If he pulse every 1234 keys (which is actually 1260ish as he said) and 30 of those keys disappears every time then when he reaches 1 000 000 keys, 25 000 would have been lost.

That is quite a large amount, but it his own fault for pulsing at such a low number and having a bad internet connection. I only lose 1-2 keys tops because mine pulses very quickly, and the icon just flashes, rather than staying there like on my friends PC for about 5 seconds and then going, coz his internet is crap too. :slight_smile:

Oh I get you now! :wink:

But eh, there’s not much that can really be done about it without some major reworking.

[quote=bobL]Oh I get you now! :wink:

But eh, there’s not much that can really be done about it without some major reworking.[/quote]

Nope, just as I said and believed =)

Well for you it hardly matters, seeing as your ranked 81st in the world on this project :stuck_out_tongue: Im gonna have to type more, haha.

Oh by the way, spotify team ftw. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny thing is that I’ve been stuck on rank 80-90 for like 1 year or something, doesn’t seem I can get any lower :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you only need 1mil or so for 79th, so get typing, write a novel, start a blog, run a forum, play some WoW, do something!! haha.

I always type :stuck_out_tongue:
Mostly chat with friends but also write alot of html and php (I run a site but it doesn’t get updated very often), and play some games.

And that got you 80million? :stuck_out_tongue: Thats pretty awesome to be honest. Guess youve been a member for a while, but still, a lot.

Im aiming for the high ranks aswell, but I just need to be doing a lot that involves typing, including a lot more college work, haha.

Well, alot of my keys came from when I went to school and had to write alot.
At the same time I were also making some homepages both for me and friends and playing counterstrike whenever I had time for it :stuck_out_tongue:
Probably got 40-50 mil from that.

Pretty cool. Well I hope the Lost Keys situation didnt affect you too badly. 25k per million, 250,000 per hundred million? :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Or is it 2.5mil? (tired)

2.5mil :stuck_out_tongue:
But I pulse manually when I feel like it, so I don’t lose any keys.

[quote=Quarzi]2.5mil :stuck_out_tongue:
But I pulse manually when I feel like it, so I don’t lose any keys.[/quote]

Ah right fair enough. Ive set it to 2500 at the moment, simply so I can get my total pulses sent stat up, but its ok because I dont lagg and therefore dont lose any keys :slight_smile: