Looking for old username

Greetings fellow pulsers,

I have a unique situation here. I registered at whatpulse.org back in 2005 or 2006 probably and pulsed my brains out for a few years. The computer I pulsed on slowly became obsolete and I got a mac, which at the time didn’t have whatpulse support, either that or I was just too lazy to install it.

Anyway, long story short I completely forget what I made my username (7 years ago!), I am in china, my computer is back in the US in my parents basement disassembled and in a closet. If I could turn it on surely it would just tell me what my username is, but alas I cannot. And there’s no way I’m going to make my parents assemble and log on my computer…way too much hassle.

What I’m wondering is this: Is there a way to browse the users by the date they joined and by country? If I could do that I think I could browse and find my username in a decent amount of time while only hassling myself. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

I found out how to limit it to just show the US members. But I’m also not sure if I ever made the account US. And not being able to track the usernames by date joined makes it really hard to get any kind of window of where my account might be. For now it’s basically a needle in a haystack.

Can anyone help?

Actually, If I could look at these parameters it would be super helpful: Created between 2005-2006, USA or Unknown, more than 1 million clicks, last pulse before 2010.

Update: Through the brute force method and looking at over 120 pages of users I finally found my old name! Cheers to having back 12million keystrokes and 2.5 million clicks :slight_smile:

Thread closed. Sorry I did not see it earlier or I would’ve tried to locate it for you.