Long forgotten email address

I cant seem to recall the email I’d used on signing up with my original account. The last time I logged in, I remember doing it with a username, not the email address. Username is pyr02k1. Pretty sure it wasn’t my Gmail, or for that matter my site either. I thought it was hotmail, msn or aol, but it’s been way too long to remember. Anywhere I could login via username only and change the email address? I tied this email address for this account to the domain that matches the username I’m looking to regain access too, and the email I’d be switching to would be the username at gmail if that is any help in confirming a bit.


The email assigned to that account is an msn.com email. If you require more help than that, feel free to email me. century0 (at) whatpulse.org


Much appreciated. I think I was just forgetting the password I had on it.