Login issues.

Hi, After the new site switch over i can no longer login to my account using my username.

I know my name and password but i cant remember ever using a email to login.

Some help would be appreciated.

You can’t also post on this forum without having already logged into the main website, so I take it you have successfully logged in? If so, you can view your email address you’ve set on the “My WhatPulse” → “Profile” page.

You could also do a “Forgot email” from the login menu. Or, if you could email/PM me your first+last name you’ve set, I could give it to you.

PM sent

I don’t remember setting a name on the account.
This is just an account i created to post here.

I do however have the user name and password.
I have tried forgot email but to no avail.

Name: Anthony Daniels

My old account is located here.

I’m sure you can do an IP check to certify it’s mine.

It’s ‘onemoredisturbeone’ - You will be able to do a password recovery of simply login with that one.

OMG thank you so much my friend. I am sorry to have bothered you with this. :slight_smile: