Live stats text output

After updating today the geek window no longer get detected as a window by my streaming software (Open Broadcaster Software) so I can’t show my live stats on my stream and it’s really frustrating as these stats are a big part of my setup.

I think a solution to this would be a live stats text output file in the program folder that can be read by the stream software to display live stats without having the geek window open.

In addition, I wish the geek window could display live keypresses per second stats. When people are into intense sessions in games they could show the viewers non-delayed KPS stats, similar to APM/actions per minute.

Here’s an example of my setup where a keypressews per second stats could be really useful:

I, too use WhatPulse as part of livestreams from time to time. ManyCam detects the Geek Window in WhatPulse 2.4. Would you consider trying that out as an alternative?

It’d be much easier to use a text output, and I don’t have to ruin third party software in order to make it work and use extra cpu power.