Linux: x warns bad drawable, translucent main window.

Hi, I’m running 2.6.1 on 64-bit Arch Linux.

I can launch Whatpulse, and it does still track stats and pulse automatically according to the settings I originally configured. However, the Whatpulse window is now just a translucent white box. Here’s a screenshot:

Right clicking the tray icon also gives a blank box.

This is the specific error noted:
20-05-2015 20:09:08.623 WARN X Error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter) 9
Major opcode: 62 (X_CopyArea)
Resource id: 0x1000042

What version of Qt do you have installed?

Sorry for the slow response. I have the newest versions of both qt4 (4.8.6) and qt5 (5.4.1) installed.