Linux touchpad touches register as clicks

Running WP 2.4 on Elementary OS, and I found that touchpad clicks weren’t registering. Multiple forum threads mentioned to add the 5 lines to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/30-whatpulse-touchpad-rules.conf, which I did. After a reboot, the clicks are registering, but also along with every touch! So now every time I move the mouse with the touchpad, it registers as a click resulting in a far higher click count. I’m not sure what logs to provide since I’m no Linux expert but I know my way around it, so if logs are needed I can provide.

I’ll definitely flag this for Martijn to see and be able to help you fix the problem.


I have the same problem, although I did not apply those rules.

  1. Which version of WhatPulse are you running?
    Whatpulse 2.4

  2. What Operating System are you using?
    Linux Mint 16 (Petra) x64

  3. What error messages are you receiving (if applicable)?

  4. What programs were you running when the issue happened?

  5. Include any screenshots if possible.
    In progress, too large :slight_smile:

Ok, I tried some things. Reapplying the file did not help. However, hooking up a wireless mouse does work. So I guess it’s a touchpad thing while using linux.