[Linux] Certain keys not accounted for in heat map


I’ve noticed that some keys are not accounted for correctly in the keyboard heat map - actually not at all.

This includes `, both Shift, both Ctrl, both Alt, Super (“Windows key”), Menu and non-numpad Enter. (As an additional report, the numpad enter key visually overlays the numpad 3 key in my heatmap view - it obviously should be displayed one column to the right, below the numpad + key.)

The numpad enter key is weird - it is accounted for correctly in the table view, but the heatmap view shows a count of 0 for some reason.

This is not a general tracking issue, since thankfully pressing any such key increments the unpulsed key count by one, as it should. It’s merely a heatmap issue.

Now, I’ve looked at the table view and found these mappings (i.e., pressing the left key increments the right count):

  • `: none
  • Shift: none
  • Ctrl: none
  • left Alt: Unknown
  • right Alt (sometimes AltGr): none
  • Super/Windows (remapped to compose on my system): none
  • non-numpad Enter: none
  • Menu: none

Can I help in further debugging this? This seems like something easy to fix.