Linux 2.0.1 64-bit package modified?

Hi all,

Does anybody know why the 2.0.1 package for Linux 64-bit has been changed? I downloaded (using the URL “$pkgver.tar.gz”) and installed the package at the first of january, at which time the md5sum was 45db1b6565f4218413f7b7fb92715938, while now the checksum is 85770ecdf14bdbf1e6c40a6ecb449ff1. The tarball is now dated 2013-01-13, and although the binary within still has a timestamp of 2012-12-31 its contents seem to have changed (md5sum differs).

This all seems a bit strange…


The readme pointed to the wrong url.

Ah okay, thanks. I thought there had to be more to it, since the checksum of the binaries seemed to differ as well, but that turned out to be an error of mine.