Linking to your profile should count as a referral

If someone clicks a link to your profile, it should count as a referral if they decide to sign up in the same session, with the option “do you want to count as a referral to this user?” on signup.

agreed! missed about 6 refferals because of this

yeh I agree with this too actually. Showing the stats page and what WhatPulse is capable of will surely get some more registrations.

I forgot this had already been suggested. I agree, the referral links are not a very good entry point to the site. People don’t necessarily know what they’re being asked to register for. I think if they see the stats first, they’re more likely to stick around. It should be reasonably easy to set the ‘WhatPulseReferralUserID’ cookie when a person arrives at a user’s page from an external website.

Another good entry point to the site is a team link, so maybe you could have a URL in the format - ie. user 152857 gets credited with a referral when recruiting people to team 6796.