Link To Us!

Just a quick note to all you webmasters out there, make sure you add whatpulse buttons to your websites!!

Which brings something else to mind, we need a handful :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps someone could make some ?? The more promotion the merrier!

I just noticed that recently. I’m planning on linking WhatPulse to my homepage, as soon as I get it all started. I’ve got the concept ready, and I know what sort of content I’ll add to it. However, I’m too nitpicky about the background… I haven’t decided on that, so it’s held up my project a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

In short, yes… I’ll link WhatPulse to my site :slight_smile:

good good, this is what we need more of, amazingly WhatPulses’ growth has come from about 100% ‘word of mouth’

Quite powerful mind you, but we need plugs on everyones site everywhere! MWAH! :smiley:

In my personal website there’s a link to WhatPulse, but I only receive about 2-3 visitors per day :stuck_out_tongue:

It hasn’t been too easy getting people to join WP. Bah, I’m still getting people telling me “no way do I want a keylogger on my computer!” I give them the usual schpiel about how it doesn’t record what you type, but how much you type, and that users can set it up to require zero user intervention, if so desired. I guess I’m not the most convincing person…

Well, I plan on linking back to WhatPulse once I have my site completely done. I’ll make my own banner though, because the current WP one is red, and wouldn’t go well on my blue skin. :wink:

Or I can be lazy and just use the red one, which ever. :stuck_out_tongue:

give me buttons to put o my site, people like BUTTONS!

*points at *

mmmm i hopefully getting my small little board up and on whatpulse… but there isn’t too much to go from thre :confused: no one ever goes to my board.

same here, lets go to each others sites :wink:

EDIT: WTF? you should really get your sig to hyperlink to your site

mmmm i really haven’t gotten to that yet(after working so many hours one tends to be lazy) my board is very inactive board

Please put me in your affiliates and get an url redirection for a shorter name. where did you get that wicked cool site

hehe it is :smiley: … but you have to pay to have no adds and i will have one of the admins put you up hehe, i am just the person that tells others to dostuff for me lmao, :smiley: anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… Maybe i can put a link up on (me and my firend, RPG project)

I’ll make buttons for you guys. $5 for 5. You can tell me whatever you need or what on it.

Here’s a very small sampler of what I can do:

(better version of one below)

hows about no

I have an WhatPulse banner on my site :slight_smile:

i added it to my soon to be released site, ill try and get started on making some but at the point in my life now im very busy :confused:

I’m also working on my website, I have a link up there.
It’s mostly about gaming and airsoft, once I’m done with it I’ll post a link here

I can ask around to some friends that have a few websites to see if any of them would be interested in linking.