libpcap statistics only count ethernet traffic; ignore WiFi connections

I’m running Fedora 19 x64, and have the latest versions of whatpulse and libpcap installed. Right now, Whatpulse only registers traffic through my ethernet connection, and doesn’t count any traffic through wifi.

This seems like there should be a simple fix but I’m not sure where to start. Thanks!

I had a nightmare trying to get these things to work, but I remember that there were many parts to libcap that needed to be installed. These included:

libqtcore4, libqtwebkit4, libqt4-sql, libqt4-sql-sqlite, libssl-dev, libqtscript4-core, libqtscript4-gui, libqtscript4-network, libqtscript4-webkit, libpcap0.8, libpcapnav0

Something within that may include the WiFi part that is required to begin tracking properly, but right now the Mac and Windows versions are much more reliable, so much so the Beta isn’t even available for Linux because the OS causes problems.

Thanks for the reply! I’m on Fedora and don’t have about half of the packages (even with the rpmfusion repos). I installed what I could / what was similar, and didn’t get anywhere. But with the 2.2 release everything works fine!

2.2 will probably count your traffic always, because it can fall back on non-pcap measurements now…but: if you don’t see any “Unpulsed” traffic, you still have the same missing packages as before. :wink:

I’m getting unpulsed traffic now, so all is well!