Less frequent disk/cache writes on linux (arch tested)

A have a laptop running arch which boots on a SATA2USB SSD (because the onboard pciex lines give corruption i cannot use the sata ports on that device)

Now i have a few of these SATA2USB3 thingies lying around and i since i swittched to one that has an activivy led i realized there was constant disk access, even when the device is just idling on desktop, so I went on investigation :slight_smile:
using systemmonitor i clearly see that whatpulse is the guilty one for having that activity-led blinking constantly; every second whatpulse write between 23kB & 78kB, i wouldn’t complain if this was a regular HD as they don’t know “wear” on the magnetic layer; spinner disks can be overwritten trillions of times if needed, but ssd’s are prone to wear & tear, and we currently live in the age of SSD drives (limited lifespan devices)
Could it be somehow made possible that whatpulse writes to disk every 15 seconds instead of constantly? that would help the degradation a lot i think…
On my windows (gaming rig) machine i even see more writes of whatpulse… it’s constantly writing between 36kB and 400kB every second, that’s almost half a megabyte… (about 10MB/Min when looking at procexp, thats 1.44GB/day (and my pc is on ~18hrs/day)

if it was up to me, i’d invent infinite rewritable ssd’s, but sadly that’s not how things go…

I’m merely asking to find a solution for the big wear-level whatpulse is currently demanding from it’s users that have SSD’s installed in their system.