layout inconsistency: no column "Miles" in team-view?

Hello all,
I just started a new team for the company I work for, but I noticed that every overview has the column ‘miles’ EXCEPT when viewing a team :sad: . It would be very nice if one could also compare the traveled mouse-distances when looking at the team overview. Other people of the team (my colleagues) are asking me for this too.
Is there a way that I as teammanager can alter this, or must this be fixed by the webmaster of Whatpulse? After all, this should be a minor thing, just a little copy-paste of the right html-code, isn’t it?
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Whoa - that is bad. Yeah, we need to fix that. (The web team seems to be pretty responsive with this, so it should hopefully be fairly soon)

ah, that would be nice!
Let’s wait and see what good will be bestowed upon us… :slight_smile:

Ah, yes. I have been awaiting this since miles came out :).

It’s on the list :slight_smile:

hello again.
i’m checking back to see what has happened in the mean time. It turns out that this problem has not yet been resolved :frowning:
I guess this item has somehow disappeared from the todo lists, cause 3 months doesn’t really fit the description ‘pretty responsive’ in my book :wink:
So i’m back at waiting…
btw, i really like the new client :slight_smile:

happy pulsing everyone! :slight_smile:

Well if i go to my Memberlist in my team (i am the founder) i can see everyones miles, but if i view my Team page its not on there. is there a way to get that on, or is this a error due to the fact of this topic is about.