Larger Forum Pages.

10 posts per forum page is ridiculous. I recommend upping it to 20 or 25 at least. Ifrequent many forums, and I have never seen one with under 20 posts per page, except for this one. XKCD uses a 40 post per page standard, but this seems a little over the top to me. Kongregate has a 25 post per page standard, and this seems adequate, and would keep most forum threads to just the one page.

Ours is twenty on the dot.


Are you sure? Look at the thread for stats ideas. That has 33 posts, and is 3 pages long…

(Or I’m an idiot and can’t count, but I doubt it…)

Are you talking about within threads themselves or within individual forums?


The threads themselves.

The number of posts to show per page is configurable in your forum account’s “User CP” on the page “Edit Options”.

Ahkay. Thanks! I think it should be 20 default though.