Keys per Second Feature

So i just installed WhatPulse and really like it so far but i am missing the possibility to track the keys per second or even the mouseclicks.

I think it shouldn’t be to hard to implement such a feature and most people could make good use of it.

~ AzraeL1337

You can actually add these statistics into your Geek Window! It’s very cool.

You can track your current, unpulsed and total keys and clicks per second. Go to your settings, and find the Geek Window settings menu (using the arrows in the corner). Click to add a label to your Geek Window layout.

For example, to see your unpulsed keys per second, you would click the “Add” button to add a label, then click on it, and type %LocalKeyRate% KPS or select the statistic you’re interested in monitoring from the dropdown list.

You can track the following statistics from the Geek Window:

Unpulsed Keys
Unpulsed Clicks
Unpulsed Download
Unpulsed Upload
Unpulsed Uptime

Unpulsed Click Rate
Unpulsed Key Rate
Unpulsed Download Rate
Unpulsed Upload Rate

Current Click Rate
Current Key Rate
Current Download Rate
Current Upload Rate

You can also track your total statistics and ranks.

Well first off let me thank you for the fast response, but for some reason the command doesnt seem to work for me :frowning:

Any idea what i could be missing?

These variables are only available in the current beta, the next client version. Check the beta forum if you want to install it.