Keys not counted in Remote Desktop

I have searched for this in the forums and found some topics about it. Some say it works like that, that RDP counts as cheating and should not be counted… hmm… That is kind of strange thing to say… Its you typing…

Anyway… I paid for Premium to get this feature to count keypresses in Remote Desktop (MS RDP). But it does not work… according to the compare feature screen between free and paid version it should.

I just tested that if i run RDP in fullscreen it does not count, but if i run it in window mode it does count my keys…

To clarify. I have Whatpulse installed on my work laptop, from my work laptop i access servers with remote desktop. When typing inside that session during fullscreen key presses are not recorded.

Please help! :slight_smile:


Make sure you’re running WhatPulse inside the computer you’re RDP’ing into. Windows will indeed eat the input on the outside of the session.

Hmm. That is not possible. I connect to maybe 100 different computers. So it is not possible to log keypresses on my laptop client that i work on for this?

It’s a bit sporadic, but make sure you have ‘run as administrator’ enabled. Windows sometimes let the client measure the keys & clicks outside the RDP session, but I haven’t found what the common denominator is for that. Think it’s a policy or something. In any case, try that

Have already tried that … Running it as administrator all the time. But… In fullscreen keypresses are not logged, only mouseclicks… But if you run the RDP in windowed mode it works fine then keypresses are logged.