Joomla Module for WhatPulse

UPDATE TO VERSION 1.1 → see post below

[CODE]I have written a module for Joomla, showing the Accountname, Clicks, Keys, Miles and much more statistics.
Now the whole module is written in english, but you are free to edit the files.

Thanks to c-smith for his bit of code that helped me on my way to my own code.

Update to V 1.1


  • decimals and thousandsseperators (you may choose the char to seperate)
  • option to change the number of decimals

V 1.0

You are able to choose which statistics you want to show.
The next thing is that I made my own code instead of c-smiths solution, but thx for you code.,com_remository/Itemid,41/func,fileinfo/id,5383.html

No problemo, nice to see it being used :stuck_out_tongue: