Isnt there a way...

Dear users

Is it just me, or is there no link. To help and contribute the site, with for example graphics and such. (Instead of only donations and such.)

I want personaly to make my own whatpulse theme, for the site to use. (If they would do so.)

But, it would bee more easy, if i had some source code, to go out from. Or is that to much to ask about? I hope some people can light my knowledge a bit. So i know there to start from. :slight_smile:

There is no link, no - but if you want to contribute something you can contact me directly. There are a few things stacked up which could use people on it.

The current theme is fine though, there is a plan to make the site template friendly after which we can insert multiple themes. I wonder why you need source code to make a design though? :wink:

I thought my post kinda summed that up o.o