Is it possible to record the input from an Xbox controller


I was wondering if it was possible for WhatPulse to record the input from an Xbox 360 controller that’s plugged in.
It doesn’t seem to happen automatically.

I use a program called JoytoKey when the game doesn’t support it automatically.


It used to be, if you used something like xPadder, and I’m assuming JoytoKey does the same, emulating a keypress whenever you press a controller button.
But emulated keypress detection has been removed in order to prevent cheating, so in order for it to work now, game controller buttons need to be added and supported officially. I’d like to see this as well if possible.

Yea I’d really like to see this put in at some point.
I’ve recently gotten the controller and I’m realizing just how many key presses and clicks are going unrecorded because WhatPulse doesn’t pick them up.

I wonder if they would be able to also make it pick up the keys from games that don’t need xPadder or JoytoKey to use the controller.

It would be interesting to see how many button presses that you actually put on a controller, and to see a heat map of it.

Yeah, IDK 'bout that!..[quote]Counts your amount of keys, mouseclicks and the distance of your mouse moves.[/quote]

WhatPulse @Wikipedia,[quote]WhatPulse is a key-counting program that monitors computer uptime, bandwidth usage and the number of keystrokes and mouse clicks made by a user over a period of time.[/quote]

Edit: I mean, it sounds neat - being able to do it - but, again, IDK. :smiley:

I would assume a lot. Generally people spam jump and in FPS games in particular the triggers are hit a lot.

I wonder what would be done to measure the thumbsticks movement though.

I would really like to see this happen. Even if it’s only the common controllers supported. Like the Xbox 360 (and the One now) and the PS3 and Logitech ones.