is it possible to merge accounts?

hi community :slight_smile:

a long time ago i started to use whatpulse with multiple computers. at this time there was still no “pulse profile” - feature and i’ve created 3 accounts to serve my 3 computers.

now i’m using pulse profiles for every computer in one account, but all keystrokes and mouseclicks from the remaining (inactive) accounts are ‘lost’.

is there a way to overtake the keystrokes and mouseclicks from other accounts, where i’m able to verify that they are owned by me?

many thanks for your answer or any further information =)

I wanna know that as well :open_mouth:

This may be something we look into. I’m not going to make any promises but it can be added onto our “Looking into it list”

Thank you for answering the question :grin:

Is there any new information about merging accounts? :slight_smile:

I’ve heard nothing new about it. I’ll pester them later and see if there’s anything new.