Is it possible to export all of my keypress data to a .csv file?

Hi there,

I’ve been using WhatPulse for about 13 years and have really enjoyed it. I’d like to export all of my keypress data to a .csv file in order to perform data analysis. I was able to access the data on the whatpulse.db files for my 2 most recent computers using SQL, but that only covers the last 13 months or so. Meanwhile, using both the API (e.g. and the Pulses section of the My Stats page, I’m only able to access data from August 2021 onward even when I set a longer timeframe.

Is there a way to download all of my keypress and/or pulse data (since 2008)?



That data is only available in the client - the website doesn’t keep that a detailed view. Is there a way you can recover your older local databases?


Thank you for the prompt response! I might indeed be able to recover my older databases. Is there a limit to how many years each database stores? I only ask because I used my previous computer for about 5 years, but the whatpulse.db file on that computer only covered about 7 months of data. This may have been because of a hard drive change or client reinstall, however.

The client doesn’t delete anything by default, so the full history should be there. The only exception is when you enable the option to delete the mouse heat map points after 3 months (which is just to limit the loading time of the heat map).

Got it, thanks! I’ll try to find more of the data in that case.