Invalid token.

So, I’ve got 320.893 keys. 197.330 clicks and 12.41 miles on the counter right now. But when I pulse it says: ‘Invalid Token, would you like to reset now?’ Is there any way of resetting without any loss of keys/clicks/miles? And how can I prevent this from recurring?

Welcome to the forum Lothomiras!

Unfortunately there is no way to reset the token without losing your accumulated stats.

Make sure you are running only one profile per computer, and you are not restoring tokens from back-ups.

Thank you for the quick reply!

I’ve never had more then one profile running per computer since I’ve only got one profile:)
However, I did recently install WhatPulse on my computer at work, so now I’m using one profile on multiple computers. Could that be the source of this error?

Yes. That’s definitely the source of the error. WhatPulse is designed to differentiate between the computers you use, so it gets confused when you’ve got two computers claiming to be one.

You need to have one profile per computer you’re using.