Invalid Token

So when I try to pulse I keep getting the message “Invalid Token”, how do I fix this?

Right click and click Reset Token. Then read this: . Then if you’re still having problems, I’ll help you out some more :slight_smile:

Yeah it worked thanks :stuck_out_tongue: although I lost 15,000 keys and 3,000 clicks :frowning:

Same problem - lost 67,834 keys and 29,322 klicks :< (also 1,5 miles moves)

That’s why you should be pulsing every 10k at the very most, depending on how much you type :slight_smile:

i am having the same issue but reseting the tokens doesnt help and ive tried removing and adding a new computer but that doesnt help either. is there another way to fix it?

nvm, it’s fixed now. all i had to do was log out then log back in again XD

I had the same problem… I logged off and it worked^^ But still I’ve lost about 140 000 keys , 2,14 miles and 70 000 click TT^TT :sad: