Invalid token

1 weeks ago I upgraded to1.5 beta, it worked OK for about 2 days but since

then I keep getting Invlid token when pulsing.

I request a new token, it resets I type a few keys and try pulsing but always

get Invalid token!

Have re-installed 3 times, works ok for a short time the back to Invalid token

Can anybody help or point me to an older version of Whatpulse.

Have you correctly set up your Pulse Profiles?

Thanks bobL, before upgrade I had 3 riggs under the same profile!
I see that now they have to have individual profiles.

My pleasure :]

Happy Holidays and Happy Pulsing!

Holiday? O.o

I still have school :stuck_out_tongue:

In the southern hemisphere we are already in our holidays :stuck_out_tongue: