Invalid Token!

I know I have to get a new token but I have 186,275 keystrokes, and 74,683 clicks I want to pulse first… Thats like 5 miles.

Is there anyway a admin could put these on my account as pulsed? Then I could get a new token…

No, you lost your keys. That’s why many people pulse every day or every 50k keys because then they don’t lose that much keys…

Sorry :frowning:

thats bad… i pulse every day on my other computer, but this one cant pulse at school, and that sucks, and now i am losing allot of keys… why are the invalid token like that?

it is to prevent some people from cheating
if you want to pulse on more than one place with the same account,
you have to use 1.5

assign a profile to every pc you are going to pulse with,
so fe:
your homepc you use the account “john_doe”, with the pulse profile “home”
on your school (or usb stick) you also use account “john_doe” but with profile “school”
now you can pulse them when you want, without losing keys because of invalid token–WhatPulse-15.html

I really wish people would read that before posting about invalid tokens and all that.