invalid token..

Hi there,

I’m having a lot of trouble with the Invalid Token error. It happened to me a few times before, but since this morning even after requesting a new token, I get this error.
I’ve tried it a couple of times now, resetting the token, a few keystrokes and pulse again. But every time I do this I get the error message. I’m positive that this computer is the only one using this profile.

Anyone can help me with this?


I’m not sure… which profile are you using to pulse, by the way? And it’s giving you the error after you reset, type, then pulse?

Hi X-Kal,

I’m using my profile named “work”. And yes, it’s giving me an error after resetting, typing, then pulsing.


After a fresh instal of 1.4 it still didn’t work, but with the 1.5 beta it seems to be resolved, I can pulse again…


Ok, I’m confused here: 1.4 doesn’t work with profiles… were you entering your profile name into the username box when you logged into WhatPulse 1.4?

Hm. Now you got me confused. I had a whatpulse version on my laptop, which I thought to be 1.4. After that I downloaded the 1.5 from the website. So I assume the first was 1.5 as well…

Sorry for the confusion. So apparently I reinstalled 1.5 twice…


Aaaaah, okay. I think that makes sense now.

But I should add that 1.4 doesn’t play by the same rules as 1.5 - if you have 1.4 on ANY of your computers, you will still have to deal with having to hold off pulsing on ALL of the other computers while 1.4 waits for the activity throttle breach to go away. So, if you’re using multiple computers, you should have 1.5 on all of them… if possible, anyways.