invalid token - windows 7 64bit

  2. hudludret
  3. windows 7 64 bit professional
  4. I have administration privileges
  5. Invalid token!
  6. avg anti virus, comodo firewall, firefox. all stable latest

it has been like this for a week or something. i think it was with an update of whatpulse i did

What exactly is the problem? Have you reset the token (Right click Whatpulse logo, Reset Token).

the prolem is that whatpulse submits an invalid token and displays a messagebox declaring this, not sending pulse information.

has not worked:
resetting token
restarting whatpulse
restarting and resetting
restarting windows

i think i tried installing whatpulse over the previous, but not sure. ill investigate that.

Have you logged off the profile and logged back in again?

worked. thanks.