Interteam Battles

I’m Jaume from team Kongregate and we’ll be doing interteam battles with other teams.

These battles will have five players from each team participating to get the highest amount of keys in one week. The team with the highest amount of keys in a week after the battle starts, wins. The only rule is to not have pulses that you’ve had for a long time, so not have a pulse for example from 1 January 2010 and then you pulse during the Interteam Battle as that would be unfair; all the keys should be pulsed in the same week of the battle.

These battles will be done in our blog and we’d count keys and stuff there too. Blog article about this.

If you’d like to have an interteam battle whisper me or sellyme, we’ll arrange it and we’ll see which team is the best. :-o

This is a great idea for getting keys up, so if your team has been slowing down recently, the competition will at least double your key count! We started “Head to Head Battles” between specific users on the blog a while ago, and have reached over 100 battles, and you can see the difference friendly competition makes! Challenge us if you dare :slight_smile:

Wow, these forums are so inactive… It’s kind of even sad, actually… :confused:

It is quiet unfortunate how inactive the forums are. : / I would love to see the community become a little more active.

A good solution for this would be to make the battle one week long and have a day or two prior to the battle where everyone that wants to participate in the battle is required to pulse at least once.

We want to battle! :smiley:

Awesome. Well, I sent you that message, so yeah. But good to see this thread and the WhatPulse forums active. If the Interteam Battle between OMGPOP and Kongregate happens, I’ll make sure to update here at the end!

You’ll make sure to update here :slight_smile:

I stole the idea, and <4 did two battles against OMGPOP. The result is 1-1.
So AFAIK three Interteam Battles happened until now. If you want to battle because you want to create a legendary team (bad example) then go ahead because (I think I can write it) three teams are keen for a battle.

Slightly late response, but would your team like an interteam battle with Kongregate, Triela?

[size=xx-small](Sorry for answering to your question sooo late and bumping this thread 'cause of that.)[/size]
We can organize something (eg. a 2v2 battle) if you are still interested.