Integrating Application Uptime

I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but I think it is a good idea. Though some bugs would have to be fixed first, i.e multiple instances should be ignored. (Chrome runs tabs as separate processes, so having 24 tabs open for an hour clocks over 24 hours of uptime. Mine is 210 days)

I think we could collect some interesting global statistics, such as location specific data on what is the most popular; browser, torrent client, IRC client etc.

Also, because of so many background processes being counted. I think the website should have a “Whitelist” of accepted applications that are counted on the website. This is to stop having multiple versions of, say, the Chrome updater and Dropbox updater on your profile.

NOTE: Some may find this intrusive so, it probably should be opt-in only.

while i think such a whitelist would be a nice thing to have, it could be a bit of a challenge programming such a filter and maintaining a meaningfull list of popular applications.
i’d also like to see some user-configurable filtering, i.e. showing my browser and office applications, but not my torrent client. but i know this would make things even more complicated to the programmers. :wink:

This has been on the todo for quite some time and will probably be here with 2.5. We’re starting small and just building an application database though. There have been some threads with application specific discussions before.

Well by that I meant something along the lines of what xfire does. A database of accepted applications, (in there case game). That in it’s self would be the easiest to implement (other than just letting anything in.

Though some user-input could be implemented. For example, right-clicking on an application within the “Uptime” tab of WP, you could send a request for it to be added to the database. That would most likely lower the work load of those who would have to moderate it.

Considering that that already exists with the current in-client uptime statistics, it shouldn’t be much hassle.

Slleyme, while the in-client filtering works. It would not be desirable in displaying statistics on your profile. For example if I deselect the “show only recently used applications” option then I have things like "Google Crash Handler and “Host Process for Windows Services.” Myself and I’m sure many others wouldn’t want this displayed on their profile as it is meaningless.

I’m talking about this:

Ahh, I didn’t even know that was there. Thank you. ^^