Instead of creating new "computers" I created new accounts.

Well, since I have to have that other information to get help, here goes.

  1. Current version, I believe.
  2. Iztiak is my username.
  3. Windows 7
  4. Yes
  5. No error messages

Alright, well, when I was younger, I was not entirely sure how whatpulse functioned, and I created other accounts every time I updated my computer, rather than just adding it to my current account.

Primary account Iztiak - 20,743,873 keys, clicked 11,962,447
Accidental Secondary Account A - Vytautas 1,707,757 keys, clicked 653,259
Accidental Secondary Account B - Kazimeras 1,340,178 keys, clicked 362,919 times

Recently, I have begun to come close to the top 10 in my team, and I remembered these accidental accounts, which I also joined the team with when I created them.

Since they do make a rather significant chunk of keys, to me at least, I was wondering if I could have them added to my primary account.

If not, it’s no big deal, I was just curious.

We don’t have the functionality to merge account at this stage, sorry!