Instantly Freezing on Startup


Running OS X 10.9.1, Whatpulse Version 2.3.1.

Every time I restart the computer, the Whatpulse application launches and then instantly freezes. If I hover over the ‘W’ icon at the top of the screen I get the ‘spinning pinwheel’ and it won’t respond when I click it. If I look at the list of programs on the Activity Monitor, Whatpulse shows up as not responding.

I’ve tried restarting the computer and re-installing the app, but this hasn’t helped. What else can I do?

Same issue here, but for Windows 7. Freezes on computer boot, and clogs my CPU on 15-50%. Does not help to restart or reinstall the app. Happens on both of my computers.

Happends on my three computers running Win7 too, three different configs (Bad-Medium-High) so it’s not a performance issue.

I tested to start my computer with WiFi and Cable, both of them doesn’t work …

On OS X you can run it via commandline (open a Terminal and run /Applications/ and the client will tell you what it’s doing, the last entry should be where it stops, which could tell you why it’s doing that.

On Windows it’s most likely your WinPcap installation that is causing trouble. Try removing it and see if the clients starts normally.