Installer message if Whatpulse is still running

When I tried to update WhatPulse 1.6 to 1.6.2 using the downloaded installer, it gave me this error message: (you’ll have to copy that link manually, because there is some weird forum rule here, which only allows posting links and images if you have more than 15 posts)

Or in text:

[quote]Error opening file for writing:

C:\Program Files\WhatPulse\WhatPulse.exe

Click Abort to stop the installation,
Retry to try again, or
Ignore to skip this file.

Abort | Retry | Ignore[/quote]

Now I know a little bit about installing software, so it was quite obvious that i had to exit the running WhatPulse process, and retry on the error, and indeed it worked. However, people who know less about computers might not understand this message and get lost. It would be much more clear to display a message which says something like “WhatPulse is currently running, please exit it to continue the installation.” Ok | Cancel installation. It would be even better to automatically close WhatPulse when the user clicks Ok and say something like “WhatPulse is currently running, if you click ok, WhatPulse will be closed by the installer.” (i’ve seen that in some other installers too).

Also, it might be useful to check the version before starting the installation, because the 1.6.2 installer gave me the same message when i ran it while 1.6.2 was already installed, while it would be better to display something like “WhatPulse 1.6.2 has already been installed, would you like to continue anyway?” Yes | Cancel installation. (This way people who have damaged the current installation can still overwrite it.)

Would it be possible to implement these 2 features?

The forum rule isnt ‘weird’. It stops spammers being able to post links to viagra and other crap.

Here’s the image for everyone to make it easier to view than copying and pasting:

This is a good idea, but lets face it, most people would be aware that the software is infact still running. But switching to the “Abort, Retry” etc menu would allow it to say “WhatPulse.exe is still running” etc.