Incorret output readings on ethernet adapter

Hi all,

I noticed on one of my ethernet adapter on my windows server 2012 is barely showing any output data even when that particulary adapter is busy
sending data.

i’ve also noticed that the overall statistics for that adapter showing all time stating that i’ve only been uploading about 750mb when i know for a fact that i’ve been uploading from that server on that adapter more than 20gigs of data.

Whatpulse has been running on this server from the start of its installation.

Sorry if there is a post about this all ready, or maybe im just missing something here?

This windows server is a virtual machine running on Vmware ESXi 5.5
This virtual machine has 2 Ethernet Adapters 1 going out, and 1 internal lan in ESXi it self.

Ip address is the adapter going out on physical medium
Ip adress is the adapter for internal lan between virtual machines in ESXi server.

In this picture i attached, showing vmxnet 3 #2 in both whatpulse and from Task Manager showing 2 different output readings

NOTE: “run as administrator” has been set, whatpulse is running with administrative rights

Thank you very much for your time.

Internal traffic is not counted and running the client on a server is not supported.

ohh well, thanks for the reply