Incorrect Network Upload/Download

For the past few months, I’ve noticed that the Whatpulse Windows client (running Windows 10 x64) seems to be incorrectly measuring my network usage, missing large amounts of consumption. For example, earlier tonight I uploaded over 40GB of data in about 3 or 4 hours, however my Whatpulse client is telling me that over the last 2 days, I’ve only uploaded 18GB. Any way to fix this issue?

Here’s a possibly stupid question/suggestion: have you given the application admin rights? Open WhatPulse window → Settings → Run as Administrator

Also, in what application did you upload those 40gb? I’ve noticed that web browsers are often somewhat inaccurate.

Yes, ive already given WhatPulse admin rights, and while I’ve noticed the issue for my web browser on a smaller scale here and there, the 40GB issue mentioned was with uTorrent.

As of WhatPulse 2.7.1, this issue seems to not be resolved. I am uploading files at 90+Mbps in Chrome, and WhatPulse is reporting a MUCH lower number (image attached).

Any fix for this yet? I just uploaded over 200GB of files to have it counted as less than 10GB.

Im seeing this aswell, im seeing about ~5 times less traffic compared to what is actually being used.

It appears to not matter what application that are generating the traffic.


I just noticed that after uninstalling winpcap and then restarting my traffic stats are much closer to what it actually is using, which I find quite odd as it should not work without winpcap?

Be careful with this: I just tried the same thing, hoping for a solution to the same upload-not-counting problem. In the network interface tab, both the current upload speed as well as the network summary show the correct amounts. However, they are not pulseable: The “unpulsed” upload/download in the Overview tab (as well as the geek window) does not count without WinPcap installed. Unfortunately, installing Win10Pcap does not seem to help either, as then the network interface isn’t recognized as active at all.

I’m really hoping for a solution to this soon. It’s a bit disappointing for between 80 and 90 percent of my total upload to not be counted! Oddly, download does not seem to be affected.

I wonder if a recent Windows 10 update broke this, as it seems quite a few people are having this problem. I thought Win10Pcap instead of WinPcap 4.1.3 would be the answer, but that doesn’t seem to work.

I’m not the OP, but I’m having what appears to be the same problem (Windows 10), so I just did some testing.

I have given the application admin rights.

If I upload a video to Youtube through Google Chrome, the upload count is correct. I just uploaded a 74MB video and the unpulsed upload count went up by 74MB. Then, I took the same video and uploaded it to Amazon Drive – through the Drive app, and then by drag-and-dropping the file to Amazon Drive on Google Chrome – and the upload is not fully counted. Instead, it only went up by ~6MB, and the current upload speed (as monitored by the Network tab of Whatpulse) only peaked at just under a tenth of the same file uploaded to Youtube.

Monitoring my network usage through Task Manager showed the same upload speed to both sites.

Sending the same file to someone through another program I use counted 0% of it.

Perhaps it has something to do with encryption/https/secure connections, but I don’t know how any of that works so I’m in no position to make these kinds of guesses.

Curiously, when I first got Amazon Drive a few weeks ago, I immediately went ahead and uploaded all of my photos at once. I uploaded nearly 350GB of photos, and all of it was counted. Same app, same circumstances, same computer. I wonder if there was an update to something (Windows update, perhaps) between now and October 27th that broke it. Or maybe it’s always been doing this, and I have only been paying attention recently because I uploaded half a terabyte in two days, and only one of those days counted fully.

This is a very strange issue that I would very much like to see resolved.

I actually just came back here to let you guys know about that, that is extremely odd behaviour everything appears to be working just fine but it is not recording the data so it can be pulsed.

My best bet here is that winpcap is removed and Win10Pcap added instead in the code as winpcap does not even support Windows 8 without issues.

I will keep testing stuff here, it is worth mentioning that im not on Windows 10 but running Win 8.1 :slight_smile:

From the looks of it, im only being hit with the upload not showing decently, downloading files is matching pretty decently but upload is only counting about 1/10th of the data.

Especially using torrent it grabs even less, I used to use whatpulse to track network usage but im guessing I will have to go elsewhere to get the details i need, will still rung whatpulse but most likely “just for fun”…

I would pay for the software if I thought it would actually do anything for me.

Small update here, it appears that the network part of whatpulse needs a serious rewamping, I did a few tests to see if I could pinpoint something.

In the last 24 hours, networx have picked up 2.7TiB of outbound internet traffic from my PC (1Gbit internet), in the same timeframe whatpulse have logged 43.31GiB - Massive difference…

From what I can see, it appears that outbound traffic that are not running on “standard” ports are not counted at all, eg I have an FTP hosting some files for a few friends, it was running on port 25000, it has uploaded nearly 300GB in the last 24 hours, 0.0KB have been counted by whatpulse - Just for fun I moved this to port 21 and it started picking up some data but not all, it was off by about 25% but much closer than the 0.0KB :slight_smile:

I paid for the premium offering for 3 months so I could test this, and if i set it to record “unknown traffic” it shows the data on the port, but it not counting it properly.

So while the idea of only counting internet traffic is a great idea, it is really not working and needs to be fixed, in its current form the network usage part of whatpulse is of zero use.

We are switching to Win10Pcap in the near future, as it does seem that Windows 10 is slowly breaking down support for the network driver Winpcap uses (which WhatPulse uses).

However, this is not seen on every Windows 10 installation, only in combination with certain network interface cards that support features like offloading from the CPU to the NIC, which takes another route, which the older driver Winpcap uses does not support.

It’s hard to pin down, because it only doesn’t see certain traffic on certain hardware.

Also, there’s no difference between looking at the interface bandwidth or port bandwidth, same data just represented differently.

Great news…

I do see that im running the same NIC as the other guy in this thread, I do have an oldish realtek netcard which I could try plugging in.

It is worth noting again though that im seeing this on Windows 8.1 aswell, so this is not only a Windows 10 problem.

Have to join to conversation few days afterwards. I’m running Windows 7 x64, and I see this happening every now and then too. In “Network” tab’s “Summary”, the numbers are what the traffic has really been, but then on overview, counted data (= unpulsed) is way lower than on the summary.

As example few days ago, I had to transfer about half a terabyte of data, and looking by pulses it counted less than 100GB of it. I tried reinstalling WinPcap, wiping WhatPulse’s data and also transferring other computer having pretty fresh install of W7 x64 and had same behaviour. Changing between on-board Realtek NIC’s or Intel NIC on pci didn’t matter.

This is somewhat confusing when some applications (as example Steam’s download) statistics are usually pretty well counted, but as a opposite example - FileZilla’s network usage is really random that will it count some of it’s bandwidth or not.

Few times I’ve also noticed that the count on unpulsed data doesn’t update anymore after few days uptime, but then on Network’s summary it updates as it should always. Restarting the application does fix this problem, but it’s bit annoying if you don’t check it at least few times a week that has it stalled or not.

That’s a whole different thing and is by design: