Imperial vs Metric

Love the fact that mouse distance has been re-added for so long.
But I notice that in my app, it shows in imperial (yards, inches)
But on the website, it lists in metric (m or km)

I can’t see an option in the software to change to metric, or on the website to select one or the other, or to have an overall profile-level option to change both. Can we get that?

Also, just because I’m anal about things, in the stats screens where it showcases distance travelled - can you ensure that everyone has the same number of significant figures,

e.g. 222.111 km and 12.320 km

otherwise you get a situation where different results have different significant figures. Typically when submitting for research papers, consistent significant figures in a column is a given.

That, and a space between the number and the unit,

 e.g. 222.111 km, not 222.111km

Same with 222.111 GB and 222.111GB. The space helps with readability - website and app.

Here’s how to change it on the website: Changing the Distance System | WhatPulse Help Center - And it’s in the general settings of the client.

As for the syntax; they should be the same in the same context. Only conversationally (i.e., in the profile text) there’s a space for readability and statistically (tables, exports, etc.) it’ll be without space.