I think I already suggested this, but can't remember.

What do you people think about counting left click and right click separately?

Each user would still have their total clicks as part of their “main stats” but would have the option to add how many left and right clicks they have done in their profile.

What would be the point? I can see it statistically wise, but who is going to actually care which mouse button they clicked? And how do we account for say Logitech mouses, which can commonly have up to 7 buttons?


Yeah, Agreed. It was certainly be interesting, however, it would be far to complicated (I’m guessing anyway.) to do, for something which not a lot of people would care about.

I would care.

We already count how many times you click each key, I don’t see how it is anymore complicated than that.

It would get complicated for mouses with about 158592 buttons.


[quote=Century0]It would get complicated for mouses with about 158592 buttons.


Oh, but it’ll be fine with me. Mine only has 158591 buttons :wink:

Very funny X. :stuck_out_tongue:


While we’re here why not scroll wheel too? Each increment your scroll wheel moves could be counted too!


Hehe, I don’t really see any point to this idea… I mean, sure it’d be nice but then there are mice that have 158592 buttons… So… :slight_smile:

I think it could be implemented in the “Key Freqencies” - Screen. A few more entries there won’t hurt anyone.
But Mice with more than 2 or 3 Buttons and the Scroll-Wheel are more of a problem I think.
The extra-buttons on my mice aren’t counted. The drivers must do something else with the signals. :confused:
And the other thing is: Mousewheels/Scrolling works in may different ways. I’d like to see that feature too (maybe the meters I moved the wheel is added to the mouse movement), but it would be open to cheating. Some wheels send around 10 impulses for each 360°-turn, some might send 300. And considering touchpads this behaviour would be user-adjustable => I could set the pad to 10000 scrolling impulses per cm… :wink:
And some touchpads work in a very weird way: If you scroll the mouse pointer moves to the scrollbar and clicks on it if you let loose, the pointer moves back…

Sorry to revive this thread but I just came here to ask about/ suggest WP being able to count each key that is counted on the mouse individually; as well as still the overall statistic for this of course, and your scroll wheel movement.
The reason I thought of this is because I came across a programme similar to WP yesterday; http://marmot.gruk.org/index.php which does actually count all of these, although the programme is mainly in French.
And as for mouses with so many buttons, surely the sensible thing there would to just separately count the right and left clicks (maybe even middle click), and keep any other clicks together with the “Total Clicks”.


There will be plenty of new features in version 2 to keep you all satisfied, don’t worry. :wink:

O really sounds good :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would be too complicated for mouses with a lot of buttons. You could just have left click, right click and other. The other would account for scrolling the mouse wheel, clicking the mouse wheel, and clicking any of those other buttons commonly found on gaming mouses.

EDIT: Actually I think it’s best not to count the scrolling of the mouse wheel at all, but I still think the rest of what I posted could be useful.

Actually, WhatPulse for Linux 0.95 counts all your mouse buttons as well as mouse wheel events separately for the local statistics, just like the key frequencies. Only the total counts are pulsed to the server, though.

Needed a reason to give Linux a try? There you go :wink: